Bank Fishing

Torran Bay Hostel owns approximately 4 miles of land on the bank of Loch Awe, which is highlighted (RED) on the map below . Fishing Permits can be purchased from Torran Bay Hostel, which its location is roughly shown as (A) on the map.

Bank Fishing Permit Rates
  1. No charge for children under 12

  2. Rates are based on consecutive days 

Fishing Rules

  1. Permit must be bought from the Torran Bay Hostel

  2. Fishing Swims/areas will be allocated by Hostel staff

    1. By advance booking

    2. First come first serve basis

  3. No fishing for Brown Trout of Course Fishing outwith the official season 15th March to 6th October each year

  4. Catch and release unharmed policy is in force ( except Rainbow Trout)

  5. No live fish or other vertebrates to be used as bait

  6. No more than 3 rods may be used per angler

  7. No trees, fences or other property to be damaged and Torran Bay Hostel reserve the right to charge for any damage caused

  8. No littering, each fishing swim/area will be left clear of rubbish ( rubbish bags are available at the hostel if required)

    1. Refundable deposit of £25 will be taken at point of payment for permit to ensure all fishing swims/areas are left clean and tidy.

  9. Observe all marked exclusion zones or other warning signs

  10. Respect other users of the land and loch

  11. Camp fires are allowed but must not be left unattended

    1. Firewood can be purchased from the Hostel or brought by yourself

    2. Fires are not to be used to melt glass, cans etc 

    3. Camp fire area within each fishing swim/area will be marked

  12. Pets are allowed on Torran Bay Hostel Land

    1. Please be wary of farm animals in neighbouring fields

    2. Please be mindful of other visiting pets and ensure your pet is controlled at all times